I thought it would be a good idea to let you know a bit about what the staff get up to (when we are not busy at work in the SHU office) My son William is a farrier and he goes along every six weeks or so to shoe the Clydesdales on Glasgow Green. If you happen to be visiting the Green, the horses are done on a Tuesday and dates for shoeing this year are 21st July; 1st September, 13th October; 17th November and 22nd December.

William with Clydesdale.

JACK is one of the horses in the photos – He stars in the Scottish comedy ‘Dear Green Place’ and is called ‘ARGOS’ in the show. You can go along to watch him being shod and it’s FREE. To find out where to go ring 0141 276 0924 on the day to check what time it’s on. (Make sure you tell them it’s Glasgow Green you want because they also shoe Clydesdales at Pollock Park.

The photos I have here are not that great (I blame the camera but I suspect it’s just I’m not a natural photographer) but if you want to see some really good photos of this event and other things around Glasgow check out hiddenglasgow. Click ‘Forums’ then chose ‘Hidden Glasgow Camera Club’ then chose ‘Photo sharing’ then chose ‘Glasgow People’. My son William is shown on the first image but if you click below that there are loads. They were taken by the photographer known as ‘Wee-Minx’ I was thrilled to be able to get copies of these, they are brilliant! You can check out some of ‘Wee -Minx’s’ other stuff on FLICKR.

William will be going to work in New Zealand in November so I won’t have a chance to see him work too often after that. Since he has been an apprentice I have gone along to see him compete in loads of shoeing competitions. He won the best apprentice trophy at the Royal Highland Show a couple of years ago and last year was chosen for the Scotland Farrier Team. Incidentally, Davy Wilson from Balmullo, a ‘well kent face’ in pigeondom is also well known internationally as a farrier and judges shoeing competitions all over the world including the famous Calgary Stampede. It was a chance conversation with Davy that set William off in the right direction to get an apprenticeship in the first place and William has gone on the make a great success of his career thus far.

Linda Brooks