Following a meeting between the Management Committees of the SHU and the RPRA, due to the lack of response by the Scottish Government, despite our repeated requests, we have decided unrestricted training of racing pigeons in Scotland should commence with immediate effect provided that all the precautions which are laid out below are met

Training under current restrictions (Phase 1)

Individual member training from garden loft

Training of pigeons by members of SHU is mainly undertaken by single individual owners using their own private vehicle.  The owner baskets his pigeons at the loft, drives to a release point and releases the birds then returns to the loft.  There is no contact with any other person outwith the household.  Baskets must be sanitised before starting and when finished

Individual member training from compound

Where more than one loft is situated in the same area there is appropriate open space between each loft to carry out social distancing while basketing birds for training under current restrictions.  Where there is a common entrance to the compound members are required to use appropriate sanitised wipes on surfaces of any door or gate handles and locks and keep to social distancing at all times

Group training

Organisers must arrange times and suitable pick-up points.

No more that two individuals (from separate households) to be at any pick-up point and social distancing to be practiced at all times (Phase 1 of Coronavirus strategy)

Any equipment or part of the vehicle that is handled during loading must be sanitised by the driver after the first member has stepped back from the vehicle and prior to the second member coming forward to load.  Driver to repeat sanitising after each member has loaded his pigeons and after all baskets are loaded. The driver shall check baskets are properly loaded before driving to the next pick-up point. (Social distancing to be maintained at all times)

Driver should only leave the vehicle for the purpose of sanitising and to release the birds for the training flight

Provided that training is carried out properly and there are no unforseen problems there should be no reason why racing does not commence when restrictions are further lifted when we move to the Scottish Government’s Phase 2 lifting of restrictions

Remember that first and foremost the health and welbeing of pigeon fanciers and the public is the most important consideration

Gordon Turnbull, B.E.M.

President Scottish Homing Union

Yours sincerely

Mrs Linda Brooks
Scottish Homing Union Secretary

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