The SHU, Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH)and the Scottish Government(SG) met in Edinburgh on 27/11/08. The Scottish minister for the Environment Mike Russel has ordered that the Pilot Study will go ahead and be completed before the breeding season of the sparrow hawk in Aptil 2009. The sparrow hawk will be trapped in a Larsen trap and relocated in an attempt to find a solution to the problem of sparrow hawk attacks at pigeon lofts. The study will be run by SHU, SNH and SG on the original protocol devised by Andrew Dixon an unbiased raptor expert scientist previousely used by ourselves on the recommendation of the RPRA The volunteer pigeon fanciers though suffering are now patiently recording sparrow hawk attacks at their pigeon lofts in their daily log diaries and we aim to allocate traps etc before the end of Dec 2008. We ask them to Please bear with us, the Minister and his colleagues now have first hand experience of the persistant bias and blocking tactics pigeon fanciers have had to put up with over the years from some Conservation groups. Any volunteers with queries or problems please phone Linda Brooks SHU OFFICE TEL 01698 286983.


Dr PP Lynch

Chair SHU Sparrow Hawk Action Group