The Scottish Homing Union has now been online for over four months and the Web Statistics are still on the rise. Last month we averaged forty-eight visits a day with one thousand, four hundred and sixty-six visits in the month as a whole. The site has had visitors from all over the Globe including the Netherlands, Belguim, India, Mexico and Australia. Also proving popular is the online Stray Reporting Facility as well as the Document Libriary and the News Pages.

Recently the new Ring Transfer Form was made available online, this can be downloaded, completed and returned to the Union. Once processed if either the Finder or the Owner have given their email address, their copy of the Transfer Confirmation can be sent by email reducing the additional cost of postage as well as speeding up the response.

The majority of information sent out to Members, Clubs and Federations by the Union is now available via email eg Stray Letters, Distance and Ring Allocation Reports. So if your a Member, a Secretary or a Delegate and we don’t have your email address, well send it to us. Remember if you receive your data via email, you will receive it faster, the data will be more manageable and more readily available to you when you need it.