Stray Racing Pigeons

What to do if you find a lost racing pigeon.

Please complete the STRAY FORM below after reading the following information:

If a racing pigeon becomes lost it may seek shelter by landing near a house or garden area. It is used to being cared for by it's owner and, if lost, may appear quite bold in approaching you. Pigeons eat grain (wild bird seed, corn, dried peas or even dry rice), if you can give it grain and access to water, in most cases the pigeon will eat, rest, then head for home. If it does not leave within a day or so, catch the pigeon and contact the appropriate Pigeon Union in order that the owner can be notified and arrange to collect it.

While awaiting pick up, the pigeon will be quite safe if contained in a suitable sized cardboard box provided it has sufficient holes to allow in air and light; a pet carrier is ideal for the purpose.

A Scottish ID ring has the following format:

SU = Scottish Union
06/07/08 etc. (appears directly under the SU) = The year the pigeon was rung
One letter or combination of two letters = Federation that issued the ring
Remaining digits (no more than 5) = Number that identifies owner

An example of a Scottish ring might be SU06AB12345.

Please note: carrier firms do not pick up pigeons on Fridays or week-ends or public holidays. If you would like to contact us for further advice or assistance please click here.