SHU Trophy Judges: Robert Cormack; Dr Phil Lynch and Bobby Kennedy

I have received a list of the 2009 trophy winners from SHU Secretary Linda Brooks who has also supplied me with a photograph of the 3 judges; namely Robert Cormack; Dr Phil Lynch and Bobby Kennedy. These 3 gentlemen gave up their afternoon to travel to the new SHU office and after deliberating the entries their final choice was as follows;

Dewar Trophy Winner 2009 Jock King

The main award being the Dewar Trophy Winner for the best performances by an old bird in 2009 was won by Jock King of Kirkcaldy who won the top trophy award with his blue 2004 bred blue hen; her positions were as follows;
SNFC Andrezel 4th section C 26th open flying 578 miles 1377 yards; recording a velocity of 909 competing against 305 birds.
SNFC Falaise 2nd section C 23rd open flying 520 miles 840 yards; recording a velocity of 983 competing against 1619 birds.

Brian Johnstone with his runner up Dewar Trophy Winner

Runner up to the Dewar Trophy Winner is Brian Johnstone of Pencaitland whose 2006 bred blue cock won the following;
SNFC Alencon 60th open flying 523 miles 1130 yards; recording a velocity of 640 competing against 1303 birds.
SNFC Falaise 3rd section B 14th open flying 503 miles 234 yards; recording a velocity of 1025 competing against 1619 birds.
As a matter of interest this cock also competed from the SNFC Newbury race just failing to make the result.

Ogilvie Trophy Winner Dave Pirie with Marlene's Girl

Ogilvie Trophy for the Best Individual Performance by a bird was won by Dave Pirie of Aberdeen whose hen won 1st section G 1st north region 1st open SNFC Andrezel flying 626 miles; recording a velocity of 1364 competing against 305 birds. This hen won the race by a velocity of 76 yards per minute and beat the 2nd place bird flying 70 miles further.

The Scottish Homing Union Trophy for the performance Champion Young Bird was won by Crease & Lunn of Edinburgh their performances were as follows;
1st federation Witton Castle flying 103 miles 308 yards; recording a velocity of 1391 competing against 2319 birds;
1st federation Catterick flying 122 miles 670 yards; recording a velocity of 1316 competing against 1572 birds;
7th federation Selby flying 170 miles 478 yards; recording a velocity of 1190 competing against 825 birds.

The Duke of Edinburgh Trophy for loft performances with old birds and young birds (members / partners under 25 years of age) was won by D Brown of Edinburgh whose performances were as follows;
2nd federation 24th open SNFC Eastbourne flying 385 miles 551 yards; recording a velocity of 1135 competing against 4243 birds.
2nd federation Selby flying 169 miles 1610 yards; recording a velocity of 1579 competing against 1898 birds.
1st open Newark flying 217 miles 1752 yards; recording a velocity of 1227 competing against 503 birds.

William McEwan with his double trophy winner

The Celtic Cup for performances up to 300 miles was won by William McEwan from Dundee whose winner won the following;
1st club 1st federation Witton Castle 746 birds flying 135 miles 495 yards recording a velocity of 1196;
1st club 1st federation Wakefield 164 birds flying 205 miles 167 yards; this bird won the young bird cup and was also 10th open Grampian Combine.
3rd section C 45th open SNFC Leicester 2425 birds recording a velocity of 1091; in this race this young bird beat the 2nd placed Dundee bird by 24 minutes.
As a matter of interest this same pigeon won the Unikon Trophy for the Outstanding Performances by a Young Bird.

Congratulations to all the above winners and these trophies will be presented at this year Edinburgh International Show on Sunday 8th November at 12noon. This is Remembrance Sunday and it is fitting that these award are being presented at this International Show. I have added some pictures from my SNFC picture file; however I do not have any of the young partnerships from Edinburgh area; so I apologise to D Brown and Crease & Lunn.

� Compiled by Joe Murphy SHU Press Officer

Wing of the Dewar Trophy Winner