East Fortune Museum of Flight again hosted a World War Days event in June. The Scottish Homing Union was invited to bring along a stand and some pigeon to demonstrate the role that our racing pigeon played in communications is all theatres of war. The event is well attended and as well as Concord and the usual planes on display, there is a large exhibit of all things military, from small military planes, to entire military camps complete with cook house and supply tents. Throughout the day there are noisy re-enactments of various battles and in the hangars, which are all maintained in their original condition, various stands demonstrate everything from cooking on rations to the hairstyles of the War Years, you can even have your photograph taken wearing clothes from the those times.

The photographs here show some of the people dressed in military uniform as well as visitors to our stand where we had pigeons on display. The Museum also organizes a slot for us to liberate some pigeons and this is very popular especially with children.

Thank you to Douglas Bald who again very generously lent me his exhibition stand for the week-end and to Ron Creelie and his wife Anne who went out of their way to make sure we had local pigeons for the stand. A special thanks also to John and Willie Pryde and Roddy Pringle who supplied the birds, it is difficult to “borrow” pigeons at this time of the year as racing is well under way so their help was greatly appreciated.

Linda Brooks

SHU Secretary


Photographs taken at East Fortune Museum of Flight.