>2010 Dewar Whisky Trophy Winner.

Scottish Homing Union Dewar Whisky Trophy Winner 2010 for Best performances by an old bird. – ‘KINGDOM SPIRIT’ – Bred and raced by G & B Hunter, Dumfermline. Performances:- SNFC Reims Gold Cup Race 26th Open 7th Section C Flying 567 miles 704 yards Velocity 1091.39 YPM, Clermont National Race 30th Open 2nd Section C Flying 524 miles 391 yards Velocity 1031.96 YPM, both races timed on day of liberation.

>2010 British Homing World Trophy Winner.

The Scottish Homing Union was delighted when the British Homing World (BHW) agreed to replace the original BHW Trophy which was fairly elderly and showing great signs of wear and tear. A “quaich” with Celtic engraving was chosen as a replacement and it is shown here being presented by SHU President Ian Noble to SHU PRO Joe Murphy who received it in behalf of Patrick MacDonald, Glasgow. Patrick had already attended the SHU presentation where he received his replica but I’m sure he will be pleased when he has the real thing to display. Patrick’s pigeon won the trophy, which is for ‘Lowest Winning Velocity in Channel Races’ in the SNFC Bourges Race. GB 06 V 30922 was 8th open 1st Section flying 673 miles 1703 yards with a velocity of 724.06. This hen had flown Reims the previous week before being sent to Bourges. She had also wond 2nd Section, 26th Open at Reims in 2009 also winning numerous club positions. In 2009 she was also instrumental in helping Patrick win the RPRA Guy Barrett Trophy for Overall Best Performances in the UK. Linda Brooks, SHU Sectetary.